Ema Mullalli Art 

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" The power of love"  

"the power of love "  This art peace is worked in acrylic, the way how i have build the portraits with the movement of the brush shows the power of this beautiful majestic of love.     " the power of love"   

price : $999

Size : 122cm x 76cm

"Love within nature"
This painting shows the perspective of nature through a heart shaped rock, showing the golden ocean with the sun setting. This painting gives off the universal feeling of love filled with inspiration.
Sizes 76cm by 121 cm
$1,279 ( Negotiable) 

" Touch the moon"  This art piece was also painted in acrylic. When the moon is full, the stars shine more brightly. Mural painting  " touch the moon "  a majestic and surrealistic painting used the shades of black and blue to bring out the main thing " the moon " making you feel so close to the moon. 
price : $4,899
4000mm x 2070mm  " mural"